The General Society of Mayflower Descendants

The Delaware Society is organized under the auspices of the The General Society of Mayflower Descendants located on Plymouth, Massachusetts. Click on their website to learn about our parent organization and much more about the Mayflower, its passengers and Plymouth Colony. The General Society’s website also provides many links to other related websites.

State Societies of Mayflower Descendants

Membership as a Mayflower descendant is through membership of one of the state societies. Each of the fifty United States, plus the District of Columbia and Canada has an affiliate society. Most of the larger state societies are subdivided into colonies located in different parts of the state for the convenience of members attending society functions. Listed below, click on links to nearby state societies’ websites:

Other state societies are linked from the General Society’s website.

Family Societies of Mayflower Descendants

Descendants of various Mayflower passengers have formed family societies that allow their many cousins to meet, and that often have genealogy committees to carry on research and continually update information about their respective families. Listed below, click on links to the following family societies.