Greetings! The Society of Mayflower Descendants in Delaware welcomes you to its website. We are one of fifty-two societies in the United States and Canada formed under the auspices of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants which was founded at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1897. Our membership consists of individuals who have proven their descent from one or more of the passengers who sailed from Holland and England to New England in the fall of 1620 aboard the ship Mayflower, and established an English colony there at a place they named Plymouth, located in what is now Massachusetts. Thirty-seven men and fourteen women of the original 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower have descendants, and genealogists estimate that today, almost four hundred years later, there are over twenty million living persons who descend from those twenty nine Pilgrims.



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Upcoming Events

Anyone wanting a program on the Mayflower or the Pilgrims, may contact David Bradford at

The Delaware Society has two members that go to schools or groups.  They dress in Pilgrim attire and bring to life the incredible journey of our forefathers.

Save the Date for the Annual Spring Reception!


Details will be shared as they become available. Hope you can make it!